Frances Murray, LMT

Providing Reflexology Relief to you! A Las Vegas Certified Reflexologist

Fran Murray Massage Services


Therapeutic Massage has a long and storied history of providing both temporary relief from daily stress as well as long term benefits for both body and mind.


Reflexology is a relaxation technique done on the feet and hands to improve circulation and nerve supply. Learn more about reflexology.

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Treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating facial. I offer a selection of anti-aging treatments designed to renew your skin and bring back the glow of youth and life!

LIC. #NVMT.10159 
ARCB Certified Reflexologist Since 1998 


I’m Frances Murray. I provide Reflexology Relief to you as part of my service offerings in Las Vegas.  I can be your source for relaxation, relief and and rejuvenating services. I believe that creating balance in the body allows us to heal ourselves.

Learn about all of my special treatments, such as certified reflexology (for the feet), therapeutic massage, as well as anti-aging facials and essential oil treatments that can help bring your body back into balance.

It is this balance that helps the body heal itself, as it was created to do.


I was so happy to find Fran after years of trying to find a true reflexology service in Las Vegas. The spas in town offer what are pretty much luxurious foot massages, but without the basic understanding of what makes reflexology truly different as a treatment option. I have back nerve issues so regular massage is not an option. Reflexology has been a godsend and having it done by a dedicated professional has greatly improved my overall health.
Elaine B.
Fran is flat-out the best reflexologist in Las Vegas! Her knowledge, background, caring and sensitivity set her apart from all the others. If you’re looking to relax and have a holistic reflexology treatment, she is the best.
Chuck F.